The latest deliverables, reports and research data from the VALID project. 

"Reducing uncertainty in WEC extreme load estimates via Goodness-of-Fit testing" poster presented by Yavin Four Consultants at ICOE-OEE 22

Deliverable 8.1: Quality Assurance Plan

Deliverable 8.1 is the first version of the Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) for VALID and will be finalized at M36  in Deliverable 8.2.

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Deliverable 7.2 presents the Data Management Plan (DMP) for VALID. The planned research data sets and publications have been described in this initial version of the DMP.

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Deliverable 1.1 is an overview of WEC-System breakdown, the critical components and sub-systems, their related parameters and the associated design requirements for representative ocean energy converters.

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D1.2 reviews and defines the theoretical, numerical and experimental modelling approaches to be considered in the VALID project to address the design and accelerated testing of critical components and subsystems of Wave Energy Converters (WECs).