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Join VALID's first webinar on hybrid testing in wave energy

Hybrid testing of wave energy converters

Improving development times using virtual modelling

24 May, 2022 – 15:00-16:00 CET

Hybrid testing presents an alternative to the conventional large-scale structural testing process. It has been used in a wide variety of industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, offshore engineering and wind energy, but it is not commonly applied to ocean energy.

Hybrid testing involves physically testing the portions of a device whose behaviour is difficult to model, while modelling/simulating the remaining components of the structure. Thus, it presents the possibility of large-scale testing without having to fabricate large portions of the technology.

The VALID project’s first webinar will provide an overview of hybrid testing and detail its use to date in the automotive industry. Next, we will cover the prospects of using this approach in the wave energy sector, with a clear focus on the virtual (numerical) side.

Key takeaways:

  • Hybrid testing and its established use in other industries

  • Benefits of applying hybrid testing to the ocean energy sector

  • Co-simulation with a middleware approach

  • Example of virtual modelling with Corpower's wave energy device


Guenter Lang, Team Leader of Strategic Projects at AVL

Ross Harnden, PhD, Technical Project Manager at Corpower Ocean

Hosted by Aquatera Atlántico

(If you are unable to attend, you can still register and we will send a link to the recording.)

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